Thanks for visiting Octopus! And thanks for shopping here. As a small and exclusive little store we’re very grateful for your patronage (that’s a posh word for ‘business’) and we hope that your purchase brings you years of pleasure. And now for the boring stuff….

We’ll do everything in our mortal power to get your order to you pronto but sometimes it can take up to 28 days before your Octopus parcel gets handed over by your friendly postperson (hey, check out our political correctness!).

So try to take this into account when you buy. In other words, if you desperately need your order sooner then give us a shout and we’ll do our very best.

At Octopus we use either standard mail or Registered post (in order to track your parcel should it go missing). For overseas deliveries there are two distinct rates – one for EU countries and one for everywhere else on Planet Earth (including the US of A). Overseas packages are dispatched using Airmail. Unfortunately, overseas packages cannot be sent using Registered post.

Your postage costs will be added automatically when you pay for your order but please note that there is an extra cost for art prints that go outside of the UK due to the additional packaging that has to be used. Sorry. If this bothers you then we suggest you move to the UK. It’s very nice here and doesn’t ALWAYS rain.

When it comes to your own country’s specific laws, Customs regulations, taxes, and duties then, as the purchaser, you are completely responsible for compliance.

Octopus cannot accept returns that are a result of a refusal by the recipient to pay any of these fees.

Octopus cannot be held responsible for any package that may be held up or refused in Customs.

In the unfortunate and rare circumstances of an item being lost in the post our claim Royal Mail can only be made after 30 days of the dispatch date. As soon as compensation has been received from Royal Mail your money will be refunded to you for the lost item.

Any other queries or concerns should be made to