About Us


No parking problems. No queues. And no snotty young sales assistants who’d rather be hanging out with their mates. Just 100% coolness in a wealth of stylish stuff for you and your uber-chic lifestyle.

Yes, it’s the Octopus shop. An online emporium of such bewildering style and exclusivity that you won’t want to share it with anyone. But please do.
At any given time you’ll find trendy tees, amazing artwork, marvellous mini-figures, delectable decks and lots of unforgivable alliteration.

We are committed to producing high quality goods. All our t-shirts are printed on Continental clothing whom we like for the style, fit and durability of their t-shirts, as well as their ethical assurances of non-sweatshop production.

In addition, as the choice of colours increases in their organic t-shirt range, we will be looking to go organic as much as possible. Our prints always use high quality art paper, vinyls and canvas and with all other products we endeavour to use the best materials possible.

Browse away. But just remember: you break it, you bought it! Enjoy.